Spanyolnátha művészeti folyóirat

Urbán Tibor

A basement upstairs

I founded Teátrum Pincehely Galéria (TPG) in the centuries-old cellars of the Miskolci Galéria Színháztörténeti és Színészmúzeum (Museum of Theatre History and Actors at the Gallery of Miskolc) in 2011. Every three months, through certain art forums, I organize both personal and invitational art colonies and thematic exhibitions for groups here, mainly for people involved in fine arts, applied arts, photography and literature in the region.

TPG is not an average gallery, not a typical basement – the exhibitions are about freedom of thought, exciting pieces of art, where the space becomes one with the pieces of art and the precise organization of these pieces becomes one with discipline, and together they create this hidden but very real basement.

Every thematic exhibition is a monologue, expressing the freedom of creation through self-discovery. A personal reflection connected tangentially to the concept of theatre in its pattern or motivation, where the artist speaks to the audience as if we were in his workshop. The pieces created for these occasions are parts of the space of the basement and they are forged into a common intellectual force.

To experience the exhibition you first need to step into an exciting hidden part of a very old, house with walls that absorbed every story. For the sake of learning and new discoveries again and again we always go upstairs here rather than downstairs. Among these ancient walls, the individual’s thoughts become palpable, the distinctive atmosphere of the place where we all create this “whole”, the cohesive force of intellect together.

In 2011 I founded Szemes Csavar, a periodical I edit to this day, where the works of the group exhibitions are presented with accompanying texts. In recognition for their work at these thematic exhibitions, the artists receive awards, namely a certificate of mastery and commemorative medallion.

I also take the exhibitions to other locations under the name “the gallery of man” TPG Group, which is the collective name of the group of local and international artists. The gallery is also open to works of other groups of artists therefore it is home to workshops of the MIKOR Group and the Spanyolnátha art journal.